In this article I’ll list software that will help you convert .SWF to .AVI format, using freeware, which means totally free ! This is a tutorial / guide to convert .SWF to .AVI or any other movie/video formats.

Not very often I end up not finding a solution when I want a particular software, but today, I really feel miserable as I could not find a perfect solution to convert .SWF to .AVI format. I did find a couple of work around, and my search for the perfect solution is still on.

Here’s the situation:

I have a couple of videos in .SWF format on my system and I want to convert them to other, more popularly used video formats like .AVI, .MPEG, .MPG, .MOV and such. I was looking for a free way to do it. This probably is the first time that I spent more than 3 hrs, and could not find a satisfactory solution.

1> AVI – SWF Converter: This is the best I could find. Unfortunately, I could not get this to work on my system as it requires Microsot’s .NET 1.1 framework installed on the system. Somehow I could not get version 1.1 on my system, may be because I have higher version installed. However, this seems to be the best one out there free.

2>Soft29s Free Flash To AVI Converter: This was the next best I could find. This one is good, but the problem is audio is not integrated and you’ll have to use stereo recording and integrate the audio. In simple words, this means that any audio with in the video needs to played at high volume and recorded as if it is being recorded via mic. Which means that if there are any disturbances or interferences while converting, they too will get on the video !

3> The third one is a mixture of couple of software. This is what I use as of now (not the best solution, but works good for me).

— First convert .SWF to .FLV using Moyea SWF4Tube Converter (there are two versions, one free and paid; I use the free version) .

— Then use Pazera Free FLV to AVI Converter to convert .FLV to .AVI.

— There’s only one catch with this option and that is Moyea SWF4Tube Converter will put a watermark in the video while converting from .SWF to .FLV, if you use the free version.

4> The fourth option is to use Moyea’sSWF to Video Converter, which again puts a watermark if you use the free version. Haven’t tried this one, but the reviews look good so if you have a little extra $$ then may be you can buy this one.

If you know of any free .SWF to .AVI converter or .SWF to .FLV converter, please do update me via comments so that I can update the post accordingly.



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