If you are looking for options to copy entire folders, including all the files and sub-folders with in the said folder (this technique can also be termed as mirroring the folder and data within), then you should consider using RoboCopy from Microsoft. This tool works on all versions of Windows.

Robocopy is an advanced tool designed to create efficient and reliable replicates of directories and important data. This application was an inbuilt feature of Windows Recourse Kit and was later optimized as the standard feature of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista. The key feature of this application is that it ensures that all the properties of a document and NTFS attributes are duly copied while generating a file’s replica. This application efficiently copies all the folders containing files with their due folder attributes and security codes to ensure a safe and secure copy.

With the means of Robocopy, your task of copying important data has become much easier with just two steps to follow. One, direction of the matter meant to be copied to the application and second, direction of the destination for the storage of the copied file. The benefit of conducting replication through this application is that you get assurance of a due copy nevertheless of network disruptions, errors on file transfer. Therefore, if you have commanded the application for making a copy of a large file, you can simply leave it unattended and involve in some other activity.

With this application you will be ensured correct copy attributes including owner information, auditing information, timestamps etc. It has the capacity to copy the directory trees without tampering with the hierarchy in the original file. It automatically deletes files that have been removed from the destination. With this application you can copy numerous files at a go, which would have other wise disrupted the built-in XCOPY utility.

[ Download RoboCopy ]


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