Please read how to create table of contents in Microsoft word. That explains the basics and then you can refer to this post.

To create one table of contents for several documents, you need to do the following.

    • Create a separate document to hold the table of contents (this is the ToC document).
    • For ease, put all the documents, and your ToC document, in the one folder.
    • In your ToC document, use an RD (Reference Document) field for each document that you want to include in your Table of Contents.
    • To insert an RD field, do ctrl-F9 and, within the brackets that Word gives you, type RD “filename“. For example { RD “Chapter 1.doc” }. You can’t type the curly brackets by hand. You must do ctrl-F9.
    • If you can’t put all your files in one folder, you must use double backslashes and double quotes. For example, { RD “C:\\My folder\\Chapter 1.doc” }.
    • In theory, you can use relative path names. But it never seems to work properly<g>.
    • Use an RD field for each document that you want to reference, in order.
    • Create the Table of Contents in this ToC document in the usual way.
    • Remember the page number rule: “The Table of Contents will pick up whatever pagination appears in your document”. It applies when using RD fields to create a ToC for many documents. You may have to set the starting page number manually in each document if you want pagination to run consecutively through your project.


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