UnFREEz is a freeware utility tool that creates innovative animations in the .gif format. It an amazing animation creator supported by Windows based operating systems. It creates animations from static gif images at a real fast pace. It has a simple interface which can be easily operated by novice users.

This application makes your task of creating animated images very simple. As the first step of making animated images, you need to select the images saved in your system. Then drag and drop these images one by one from Windows Explorer to Frames in the application’s window. The point to note is that all the images selected should be in GIF format. Further, they all should be of same dimension. You can further make editions to the images with the inbuilt tools of this application. Then, add a specific delay time to optimize between the frames. This time should be in centi seconds.

This tool has provisions to create an animated loop. You can select one among the various loop options offered by this application. Once you are done with all the settings, a dialog box will appear. Enter the title of the animated image in this box and mention the desired location for saving it. You can share this creation of yours by putting it on display in your website, blog or email. The best part of this application is that is incredibly compact in size. Thus it does not occupy much of your hard disk’s memory unlike other animating tools.

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