There are a lot of people who would want to plan and design their homes/houses and floors. Such people can make use of Floor planner.

Floor Planner is an online application that allows enthusiastic home decorators and designers to design and create online sketches of their rooms, kitchen, bathroom etc. Its inbuilt set of designing tools and features, at par with professional standards, allow users to give fire to their imagination and draw some of the most innovative and impressionable designs for their abode. With its easy-to-use interface, optimizing the simplest means of drag and drop features, even an amateur designer with no prior experience in home designing can use this application and draw mind boggling redesigning plans for his abode.

Floor Planner not only allows you to conveniently draw online plans for your home, but also facilitates you to embed your innovative plans on your website, blog or social networking site. The comprehensive designing tools of this application are loaded with more than 300 furniture and numerous decorative items that can be located, moved, relocated, shrunk, enlarged and re-colored as per your preference. Based on the dimensions and color scheme of your home, you can select and design objects to create an online blue print of your re-designed home.

Apart from its inbuilt design features, you can further conduct a search on various popular floor plan and design sketches with Floor Planner. With its easy to use DIY options, all you need to do is create the number of the rooms you desire with just a click. Further, drag and drop accessories like doors, windows, rugs, etc to give finesse to your rooms. After you are done, click on “Plan Complete” to review the final design plan.

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