I was watching Don McMillan’s video, where he points out common mistakes people make while creating PowerPoint. If you avoid these common PowerPoint mistakes, then you surely will end up creating, great, effective PowerPoint.

5 tips to create effective, powerful, meaningful and useful PowerPoint presentation :

1> While creating PowerPoint, people tend to put every word they say in the PowerPoint slide, this eliminates the need to memorize what you plan to talk, makes your presentation crowded, wordy and boring. This will surely cost you as you’ll lose your audiences attention even before you reach the bottom of your first line !!

2> Always do a spell check before you finalize your presentation. Wrong Spellings are the biggest mistakes ever !! It’s really not hard to miss spell mistakes, as a wrongly spelt word will be underlined red. Also makes sure you proof read it before your finalize to present your PPT.

3> Avoid excessive bullet pointing. Only bullet key points, as too many bullet points will mask your key messages.

4> Avoid bad color schemes, something like a clashing background with strong front font colors leads to bad presentations.

5> Don’t pack your presentation with unecessary data and excessive animations. Do not do it to a point where reading through your presentation becomes difficult and effectiveness of it goes down. Also choose wise fonts, do read up a bit about web safe fonts and and make sure you don’t always stick on to default fonts !


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