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The above post will give you an idea about, how to turn on Sidebar feature in Windows Vista and also will tell you how to get new Gadgets for your Windows Vista Sidebar. Once you’ve turned on the sidebar feature and got all the gadgets you wanted, you’ll want to organize them according to your need or importance. That’s where this post – how to customize widgets in windows vista sidebar, will help you.

Customizing the gadgets in Sidebar is very easy. Just drag the gadget and drop it in the location you want. You can even drag Gadgets off the Sidebar and onto the desktop — if you have a huge enough monitor to sacrifice the space.

To change a Gadget’s settings —

1> say you want to choose which photos appear in your slide show for example — point at the Gadget

2> click the tiny wrench icon that appears.

3> to remove a Gadget completely, click the little X, instead.c


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