If you have Windows Vista installed on your system, then learn how you can customize your TaskBar. To start playing around wit h your Taskbar, right click on the Start button, select Properties option and click the Taskbar option.

Lock The Taskbar – Checking this option will lock your Taskbar and ensure it wont change its appearance.

Auto-hide the Taskbar – We’ve already discussed how to auto-hide the taskbar in Windows XP / Windows Vista.

Group similar Taskbar buttons – If you open lots of windows and programs, leaving this feature will let Windows accommodate the crowd by grouping similar windows under one button

Show Quick Launch – This setting shows the Quick Launch toolbar, which is a collection of regularly used icons which will be the Start button.

Show Windows Previews (Thumbnails) – This feature is specific to Windows Vista and that too if you have a good graphic card support. You get a sneak peak at the thumbnail photo of a program when you hover your mouse on top of the program’s Tasksbar button.


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