Web Based Music to Ringtone Converters and Customizing Ringtones of our Choice

Many of us like to make our own ringtones from a CD track or MP3 file, according to our tastes, and to show our style to others. You might be bored of default ringtones of your mobile phone, in such situations, users have two choices, they can either compose ringtones of their choice by using ringtone converter programs which can be downloaded on to the mobile, or alternatively find ringtones on internet and send free ringtones to mobile.

There are some useful web based services, through which you can personalize ringtones and then store into your mobile. Such services are free of cost and are quite user friendly.

Web based services are anyway easily accessible and convenient convenience, and we can also avoid the trouble of downloading and installing programs. Ringtones customized through web based services are of good quality.

All you need to do is upload MP3 or music track of your choice and customize it. You can then save it back to the computer and then directly send this to the mobile.

Plenty of such web based converters are available over the Internet for converting music to ringtones. A service called MyMusicRings permits to upload our favourite MP3, customize it and then save it to the mobile phones.

Benefits of web based converters:

  • This service doesn’t include special software installation
  • Free of cost
  • User-friendly
  • Besides ringtones one can customize wallpapers too

Most important feature of this service is that there is a provision to customize only the desired portion of an uploaded MP3, by which users can cut selected portion of the music of their choice, and then customize into ringtone. You might have to wait after uploading MP3 and the website will send you the ringtone.

Ringtones that are personalised with this application can be shared with other users through networking sites. Some of the popular online ringtone converters are TonBee, PhoneZoo, Cellsea and Online Ringtone Converter.

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