How to Disable Contacts Sign in Sound Alert and Online Popup in Window Live Messenger

While using the Window Live Messenger, whenever an user sign in or sings out of messenger service, it will pop up an alert over the system tray or notification area along with sound. This alert informs us that the contact has recently signed in or signed out.
The user signed in or signed out pop up alert is going to hide automatically and vanishes after a couple of seconds of pop up, and the sound alert is usually lasts for a second. Regardless of the brief visibility of the sign in or sign out alert, it can prevent important screen from real view and the alert’s sound can be frustrating.

You can follow these steps to disable the pop up alert.

  • Sign into Messenger
  • Click on Menu button
  • SelectTools
  • Then selectoptions
  • Click on Alert section
  • Uncheck Display alerts when contacts come on online

  • Go to Sound section
  • Perform any of the following
  • Check on Mute all sounds to turn off all sound alerts by messenger client
  • Then click on down arrow to expand the Contacts Sign in then select Don’t play a sound.


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