Windows XP SP2 comes with loads of security features but also with its own share of constantly bugging remainders regarding antivirus, firewall and windows update.

This post will teach you how to disable those tiny little balloon tips. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Click on the warning balloon when it pops up. It will open the security centre.

Now the last option from top that reads โ€œChange the way security centre alerts meโ€

Now it will show a box with three options and three checkboxes corresponding to them.

I would recommend un-checking all three checkboxes to prevent any more of such nagging tips.

Another option is to disable the security centre service that is running by accessing the service menu by typing the following command in the RUN dialog.


Find the security centre service and double clicking on it will reveal its properties. Just change the start-up type to Disabled.


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