Windows is the most used software in the world. Almost every country uses windows software. The individuals who have windows also make use of its multi-media services, the problem comes when an individual plays a song which is not in English, causing difficulty in foobar2000 not being able to understand how o display the name of the song.

The main difficulty lies in the fact that the songs usually are not in the code that foobar2000 recognizes. Foobar2000 usually can identify with Unicode character encoding, but the songs utilize non-unicode ansi codepage. So instead of having to convert the coding of songs, Foobar200 has been advanced, this will prove useful to the use and will be called foo_masstag_addons.

Its features include: Language ANSI codepage conversion.; Conversion between Simplified and Traditional Chinese; Conversion preview support to avoid messing up the meta tags after selecting wrong codepage; Allow user to specify the which meta data to convert,Embedded cuesheet inserter which automatically insert the related cuesheet data from external file to the supported audio format, i.e. .ape, .tak, .flac and .mac as embedded cuesheet;

Allow user to select the codepage currently used to display the characters and the codepage to convert, able to fix files tagged by foo_freedb2, which may accidentally treats any tags retrieved from the server. Its installation can be done simply by selecting the songs right clicking, clicking on tagging and then manage scripts. This will launch masstanger which in turn will will lead to activating foo_masstag_add_ons.

[ Download Foo_masstab_add_ons ]


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