This article will cover How To Download Streaming Music Freely On Internet.

Do you want to record streaming music from your favorite sites like iJigg, imeem,, mog, MySpace, Pandora, Radio.Blog.Club and eSnips. You can do so with Free Music Zilla downloader, a free tool that is developed to download streaming music from social music sites.

By default, Free Music Zilla is supported in IE and Firefox, but it can be easily extended to other browsers as well. Sites like IMEEM and implement what is known as anti-leech technology. Free Music Zilla is smart enough to break through such anti-leech technology which is implemented to avoid downloading music.

Using Free Music Zilla, you can download, capture, record, rip and save mp3 files, music files, songs from MySpace, Pandora, IMEEM, iJigg,, MOG, Pandora, Radio.Blog.Club, eSnips and a lot of other sites.

Download, Capture, Record, Rip, Save mp3/music/songs from Last.FM, Pandora, iJigg, imeem, eSnips

Having said this, I’d say Free Music Zilla is far from being a complete product yet. It is still unclear how to track the downloads, no automatic download options and organizing the downloaded songs is still a bit messy. I’m sure the product will improve over a period of time, and is the best in its segment. Something is better than having nothing !

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