Get More while Browsing with Firefox3

Today web browsers have enhanced progressively. There are so many new features that make browsing easier and fun. Downloading information, images, and videos were never so simple. Just a few click and you can get the most out of your browser. Firefox3, a browser that keeps perfecting its already perfect self, has come up with the feature of downloading almost everything from a web page that you visit.

If the web page has many beautiful pictures, images, photos, and graphics, has many embedded flash videos, attractive icons, and many other unique media components, then the Firefox3 can download all of these, all these images, videos and graphics that are there on the web page. All these components are downloaded all at once without any requirement of add-ons, extension, plug in, or other applications.

To download all these amazing media and graphics components on to your system, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

Click on the site identification symbol that is placed to the left of the Address Bar. This icon represents the site that you are currently visiting, and it is also displayed in your favorites list if you bookmark this web page. As soon as you click the icon, which is known as the Site Identity Information button, a dialog box appears with a “more information” button. Click on the “more information” button. Now a “Page Info” dialog panel will open where you need to click on the media tab.

Under the media tab all the elements that are present on the web page, such as images, background, icons, graphics and all the other embedded components are along with their respective address link location. Some of the graphics present even have a preview added to it. Select and highlight all the components that you want to save and click on the Save As button. If you desire to save all the components, then you have to simply press Ctrl+A to select everything, and then click on ‘Save As’.


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