Free users can download multiple files from Rapidshare without much trouble (Related post: Get Free Premium Rapidshare accounts).

Download and install Rapidshare Auto Downloader, a must have tool if you download regularly download from Rapidshare. Free users do not enjoy the luxury of multiple downloads at once. There is a wait period between every file download and if there is bandwidth shortage, the wait at time gets really long !

To get rid of this problem with RapidShare, all you have to do is download and install Rapidshare Auto Downloader, and feed the tool with all the download links. The tool will do the rest of the work for you. The links get queued and the tool will download the files one by one in the order they are entered.

How To Download Multiple Files From At Once For Free<br />

The process does not stop till all the files have been downloaded and there is a special feature which lets you shut down the system once all the downloads are completed. This is such a great add-on. You can put all the links to download and carry on with your work. Once everything is downloaded, the software automatically shuts the computer for you !

[ Download Rapidshare Auto Downloader ]



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