While reading pages of an interesting site or an article online, we often look for tools that can keep us updated on the number of pages we’ve already visited. This helps us to start our reading from the fresh page without much ado on starting from the beginning to figure out the new page. To serve the purpose of book marking your online pages, Toread is one of the most effective tools. This tool is specially designed for users who do not have a fixed system and keep switching on to new locations and new systems in the office. For such users, Toread is one of the best book marking agents as it keeps the records of the number of read pages and sends you the details in your email. So, users can simply get updated with the emails before accessing the web pages.

Toread is a beneficial tool to help avid readers to get latest updates on their favorite blogs and sites. Say for example, if a reader comes across an interesting article, he may simply click “Toread” for reading the page later at his leisure time. On clicking Toread, the user will be forwarded details of the page for his future reference.

Toread is supported by systems loaded with internet explorer as well as Firefox. The moment you click on Toread, all the details, including the number of pages visited to the new page number, will be forward to you in your email. You can further remark comments to the details given on the email.

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