Ok, here’s the most common YouTube question.

You just happened to tape a good film on your video camera. You want to upload it onto YouTube and you don’t how to do it.

First, your camera manufacturer would have given a cable along with the video camera. Most of the modern cameras will have a usb cable along with them, use that cable to connect the camera to your system. If you are using Windows XP or Vista, your camera will be auto-detected and you’ll be given options to download the videos directly onto your system.

If you are any other operating system, let me know which one it is using the comment function on this blog and I’ll tell you what you need to do specifically so that your OS will detect your camera.

Most of the software associated with your camera will download the videos in avi, wmv or mpg formats. Once these videos are downloaded you can directly upload them on to YouTube.

If you want to further edit the video before uploading, then you can use windows movie maker, this is a free software which is included default in your windows machine. You can make beautiful slide shows, add pictures in between the videos clippings, add music and beautify the video as a whole.

You can also use ‘ZillaTube’. ZillaTube has the capacity to produce mp3 / mpg formats from videos which are on YouTube and then use them along with your original video to produce a better mix. This can be done using Windows Movie maker.

Once you are done with all your formatting and editing, save the clip as a ‘.wmv’ and upload to YouTube. You are done :).


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