Embed Google NewsShow on your Website

Do you want to make your website more informative and attractive? Now you can add or embed Google NewsShow on website to make it more informative, as it allows the users to see latest Google news. Once you embedded NewsShow to website by generating java script code along with NewsShow wizard then paste it to your website.

The below mentioned steps allow you to embed Google news slide to your website.

  1. In order to configure NewsShow requirements, navigate to the NewsShow Wizard.  You can add your specific preferences such as kind of news style, topics (business, politics, election, sports, movies, etc), and how many search results that you want to show, and many more features. It means you can customize your NewsShow according to your preferences to make it more attractive and suitable for your website.
  2. Once you have defined your requirements, you can get the preview of your NewsShow by clicking button at bottom of the opened window.
  3. Moving forward you will get a secret code at the bottom of the NewsShow preview that you have to copy and paste to your website.

By following these simple steps you can easily add or embed NewsShow to your website.


  1. Have you tried Channelorama yet?

    Channelorama offers very easy and simple way to include RSS feeds into your website. Just pick/search the channels of your choice, use the ‘Embed’ link to get their code and simply include it in YOUR website. You can preview it online before actually including the channel.


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