If you’ve been using WordPress then you definitely know how flexible the software is. One of the coolest features of WordPress is that you can publish articles on to our WordPress blog using third part software like Windows Live Writer, Word 2007 which can be used as a blogging tool and many such software which can be used remotely.

Here’s the step by step procedure, to enable / activate remote publishing in WordPress :

1> Login to your WordPress blog as administrator.
2> You’ll see a bunch of links in the left sidebar, click on ‘Setting’ –> ‘Writing’
3> Once you are in the ‘Writing Settings’ page, scroll all the way down and you’ll find ‘Remote Publishing’. Enable both ‘Atom Publishing Protocol’ and ‘XML-RPC’ and click on ‘Save Changes’

How To Enable / Activate Remote Publishing In WordPress

Your self hosted wordpress blog’s now setup for remote publishing. You can use third party software like Windows Live Writer / Word 2007 to publish articles in your self hosted wordpress blog.

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  1. Hi, I have this working fine using word 2007 as a client. However I do not want to publish the blog immediately but rather to upload it as a post with a Status of Pending review.

    Any ideas anyone

  2. Thank you again! I have blogged sub-domain style at homesteadblogger.com which uses wordpress and I was able to enable remote publishing there, so I was baffled when I started up an actual wordpress blog and found it wasn’t an option. I guess the homesteadblogger hosting folks set up the permissions? Anyway, anything you can find out would be appricated. I’m in the sticks and only have dial-up; a remote publisher like WLW is very nice for composing offline.

  3. @Daisy – I highly doubt it. For remote publishing you’ll need certain extra permissions, which will not be available on sub-domain wordpress blog due to security reasons. However, I really haven’t looked into it in detail. What I can do is, look into it and see if there is any alternative to achieve the same for sub-domain wordpress blogs. I’ll need sometime for it. Will keep you posted.


  4. @Daisy – you are not using self hosted wordpress. The remote publishing option is only for those who are using self hosted wordpress on a domain they host on rented server. What you are using is, a sub-domain on wordpress.com. Hope that helps.


  5. I’m having the same issue– not finding a “remote publishing” option under settings. As far as I can figure I’m not using a “version” as I haven’t downloaded anything (wordpress.org?) but am using the free online blog, wordpress.com. Is this restricted? Is there any way to use Windows Live Writer with this?

  6. I dont see the remote publishing section under writing sections.
    do I need to pay some amount for my account??


  7. do you know if there’s any “third party software” that takes an incoming email and sends it to a blog (as post) using Atom Publishing Protocol or one of the XML-RPC publishing protocols?

    the reason i’m interested in this is so i can send a blog post as text message to an email address that will then be published on my blog.

    (i know wordpress.com and blogger let you set up an email address to send posts to, but i’m using blog.com which doesn’t have that option, although it does support Atom and XML-RPC . . . so it should be easy enough.)


  8. @Kwadwo – I suspect that this might be the issue, though I haven’t looked into it. Please give me sometime till I investigate and get back to you.

  9. This is a great information. But I’m in the same boat with Manuj, Ricardo and Matthias. I can’t find the remote publishing section. I use wordpress.com blog but not a selfhosted blog. Is that the reason?

    Please, I can’t wait to get this problem solved.

  10. Thanks for the post. I did everything that you state. However, I need the “remote publishing path” in order to further configure remote publishing via SocialOOmph. Where would I find that? Thanks. (I think that may be to what Donna is referring as well). Great site.

  11. Hello,
    first all thank you for this article. i cannot find this remote publishing section as well. they last line i get indicated when i am logged in as administrator is:
    “Post by Email
    You can publish posts..
    Save Changes”
    what do I have to do to get this remote publishig section indicated
    Thank you and best regards Matthias

  12. @Donna – Din quite get you ? Do u mean to say that if one needs to have an domain or URL ? If that’s the question, then one should have it.

  13. I dont see the remote publishing section under writing section :s
    do I need to have a paid account for it???


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