In one of the posts, I wrote how to disable ‘Show Suggestions’ search option, which is default in Firefox search bars. In this post, I’ll quickly brief how to enbale ‘Show Suggestions’ in case you have already turned it off, or in rare cases when it was not present by default in the version of Firefox you are using.

The procedure is pretty much similar to that explained in the – disable ‘Show Suggestions’ post:

1> Right click on the Search Box, at the right top corner of your Firefox browser.

2> You’ll notice one of the options – ‘Show Suggestions‘, which will be unchecked.

3> Check that option, ie, scroll down to that option and again Right Click and you’ll notice that the drop dop menu vanishes, which means you are done. To reconfirm if you have turned on / enabled the ‘Show Suggestions’, just right click on the Search Box, and in the drop down menu you should notice a small checked mark, which means ‘Show Suggestions’ is turned on.

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