TrueCrypt is an immense utility tool that helps users to generate encrypted disks within a particular file and then organize it as a real disk. This is one of the most effective tools to generate and maintain on-the-fly encrypted files for an encrypted drive. With TrueCrypt, you can easily get data encrypted as well as decrypted automatically before saving them. You do not require the intervention of any other program to generate an encrypted file. This application also has key provisions for the safety of the files you’ve generated. All the files encrypted by this application cannot be accessed or read without entering the correct password or the exact encryption key.

Until the file is decrypted (read) the volume of TrueCrypt appears to be a set of baseless random numbers. When a user optimizes the features of this application, he is successfully able to encrypt all the specifications of a data, including its file name, folder name and content of the file as well as the free space left. This is application is highly recommended for its ability to encrypt the entire content contain in the removal storage devices like, hard drive , USB flash drive, etc. Within a span of few minutes, it easily encrypts a drive with an installation of Windows.

The key advantage of TrueCrypt is that it conducts the process of encryption automatically with absolute transparency. The deniability features of this application may be compromised in adverse cases when external third software access the files and leak the information through thumbnails, decrypted files and temporary files.

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  1. I find TrueCrypt to be overkill for mine and my wife’s needs. The setup was way too complicated and I just knew it wasn’t something I wouldn’t use everyday.


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