It is essential that you delete some sensitive data from your computer at regular interval. Especially those data that is collected when you visit various sites on the internet get collected in various temporary locations. This not only slows down your system as it is extra unwanted dump which mostly will not be useful in future, but you may unwillingly be compromising your privacy.

One software that can clean up all un-wanted data off your system is the CCleaner. It is a freeware that performs erasure of super-sensitive data from your computer system and proffers many additional useful attributes as well. It achieves the aim of system optimization and safeguards your privacy. It can free your system of unused files and make it run faster and also free disk space

The CCleaner after installation can be accessed from the programs sub-menu of the start menu. The menu obtained on right clicking of the Recycle bin icon has the open CCleaner option to run the program with prompts and Run CCleaner option to run the program sans prompts.

The CCleaner interface is user friendly and intuitive and helps clean up your trails from applications such as the Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, FireFox, Google Chrome and Windows OS regions.

Files can also be safely wiped away using this application. It makes a secure registry-cleanup tool as well as it can take registry back-ups, before it scans entries and erases them off. This allows you to retrieve any entry after it has been erased by the software.

It can also erase temp files and file history from third-party applications such as Media Player, Kazaa, Netscape, eMule, Microsoft Office, Google Toolbar, WinRAR, Nero, Adobe Acrobat, WinZip and WinAce.

The program can uninstall any software from your machine. These four functions can be accessed through the 4 separate sections in the main window of the CCleaner namely the cleaner, registry, tools and options. The CCleaner is incredibly fast and is free of ad ware and spyware.

The free PC cleaner program CCleaner is all said, a worthwhile download.

[ Download CCleaner ]


  1. CNET review about Ccleaner says,’we strongly recommend CCleaner to all users, except those who need robust tools to remove supersensitive data’ but you are saying different. How?
    May I know what is supersensitive data?


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