Seems like an easy thing, but did struggle a bit when I had to do it the first time. I assumed ‘Esc’ would do the trick, you guessed it right, I was wrong.

RealVNC is one of my favorite VNC, as it provides remote control software which lets me see and interact with desktop applications across any network.

Once I connect to any system within the network, I can select the ‘Full screen’ option to browse the other system as though ‘I’m sitting at that system’. If you have to come out of the ‘Full Screen’ mode, then press ‘F8’ and un-check ‘Full Screen’ option.

The first time I was using VNC, I had tough time figuring this out as I had missed going through the documentation, I was connected to a system which did not have internet connection and the only way (at least back then), I could come off the system was by re-booting it :).

Feels stupid :D.


  1. Yes , F8 was the only option I had. Before knowing that I start the task manager kill that vnc to get the access to my PC

  2. Simply pass Cntrl-Alt-Shift-F to exit from full screen. If you again pass these buttons you will enter full screen. i.e you can flip-flop full screen using these buttons!

  3. Thanks Gautam,
    Nice tip that one.. i too felt the same dumbness as I got stuck in the fullscreen mode myself.
    F8 did the trick.

    Thanks Again

  4. Thanks a lot, man!!
    I was also stuck and had no option other then a reboot…. but ur article proved to be a savior !!

  5. Just move your mouse pointer to the top edge of the screen. You will get a drop down panel. You will get the option to exit full screen there.

  6. F8 did not work for me.

    As an aside, it should not be a function key to start with. People, especially the type of peole using VNC have programs bound to function keys. Irritating.

  7. @Darkstar .. I know how frustrated I was when I tried to figure it out for the first time .. well ‘Esc’ button wud have made it much simpler, but who knows may be the Esc keycode has some conflict and that’s the reason they have used F8 .. u never know :). glad it helped you.

  8. If you don’t know about F8 you could right-click on the VNC icon in the Task Bar. (Next to the ‘Time/clock’) and then select “disconnect client”; instead of rebooting the machine….


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