For those who want to move their hotmail calender to gmail, unfortunately, there is no easy way. That’s because ‘MSN’, may be, doesn’t want you to shift your activities from Hotmail to any other service. However, I managed to export my calender to GMail from hotmail.

Initially when I started trying, I encountered some ‘robots’ file error. This was while I was trying to transfer the calender directly. When this did not work, I had to beat around the bush to achieve it, and here’s how I did it:

1> First step is to log in to your hotmail account and go to any calender which you’d like to transfer. Enable Sharing for the particular calender you plan to transfer to gmail, this can be done by clicking on Edit Sharing –> and then selecting Share This Calendar.

2> Next step is to choose the option which says ‘Send friends a view only link to your calendar‘; this creares an ICS link. Copy this link

3> Open your Windows Calendar and click on Share and then click on Subscribe, this can also be done by pasting the link in the Windows calendar prompted browser.

4> Once this is done, you’ll be able to see your Calendar event in the Windows Calendar.

You are good if you wanted to transfer it to your Windows Calender, now if you want to export it to your Gmail, then follow following steps.

5> Select File and then Export the Calendar as a .ics File, and save it in a loction easily accessible.
6> Open your Google Calendar and then select the option Import Calendar, which can be found in the location: Calendar –> Add –> Import Calendar.

7> Browse to the location where you had saved your .ics file in (step 5), and select the file, and click on import.

You are done! You’ve successfully imported your Calendar from Hotmail to Gmail.

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