Do you use your PC or Laptop continuously without shutting it down for a long time? Do you remember when was the last time, you restarted or shut your system down ?

I’m one of those power users, I rarely restart my system. I know it is a good practice to switch on your windows system often, as we all know that the process slow down after a while. Restarting the machine will speed up process and ensure your PC will deliver the best it can.

The easiest way to check when was the last time you shut your PC or how long your PC is on for, is by the systeminfo command.

To run the systeminfo command:

  1. Go to Start,
  2. Click on Run,
  3. Type cmd and hit Enter,
  4. Type systeminfo and hit enter.

Details about your system will be displayed, including your system’s up-time.

Some users may encounter an error “‘systeminfo’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file
“. This happens because either you have a faulty installation of XP or path problem.

You can check if it’s a path problem by going to your “windows directory –> system32 folder –> find systeminfo.exe“. If you find systeminfo.exe then it’s most probably a Path issue, else it’s a faulty installation.

One good practice is to restart your system within every 72 hrs. Not mandatory, but this practice will help you get the most out of your Windows based PC


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