If you suspect that your friends, girl friend or boyfriend is invisible on MSN trying to hide from you, then you can find it out now.

Recently, a scammer from china ripped my friend and was not coming online on MSN. That’s when this post on ITGossips helped me solve this problem.

Further Reading : MSN Invisible Checker.


  1. i have mdiscovery but it only tells you if the sing in as invisible. so if they sing in before you do you have no way of knowing

  2. Well actually u can detect if someone is being invisible on msn. Download MessengerDiscovery, search in settings and enable “note me when someone is pretending invisible” or what ever the true name of that is. and voila thats it.

  3. In MSN you can’t detect invisible ppl, with msn software you can chose Invisible Status , but with other software like pidgin you can, but is no method to detect invisibility, btw if you are interested to detect invisible users on Y! Messenger I’ll recommand you to use http://www.invisibleyahoo.net


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