ActiveXHelper v1.12 is a freeware that provides you a list of Active X constituents set up in the computer along with additional useful information about them. All components of Active X can be viewed or else you can attune the software to display only information about specified Active X constituents.

If you choose to obtain the Active X constituents from the Registry key all components are exhibited in the list which will be a long one. However you can obtain a display of only specified constituents by choosing to obtain the list from a specific text file you state. The software also gives you the option to obtain the Active X catalog from the specified HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID registry key or ProgID list.

How To Find The List Of Active X Constituents / Components In My Computer

To ensure that Active X constituents are not used by any program on the computer the ActiveXHelper v1.12 permits you to disable components of your choice for the time being. If you wish that any program uses a particular component you can easily enable it with the help of this software. The command-line options can be used to enable or disable the Active X constituents.

Being a standalone executable the ActiveXHelper v1.12 does not need any installation procedure or extra DLLs. Simply running the executable file is sufficient for this program to operate.

The software also permits you to view a list of just Active X controls. The catalog of Active X components can be saved to various file types like HTML, XML and text files as well as copied to clipboard.

Unlike earlier editions of ActiveXHelper the configuration is now not saved to the Registry, instead it is saved in the cfg file.

The software can be translated to various languages. After translation the software can be operated without conversion by changing the language file’s name or its location to some other folder. It is supported by email assistance to help users resolve bugs in the software.

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