Today the number of professionals going mobile is increasing at a fast pace. If you are one of such many professionals who’d like to be online where ever you are, you need a strong ‘Wi-Fi enabled places’ directory. To fill in this need ‘HotSpot Haven’ has created a new wireless hotspot search engine.

Using HotSpot Haven you can search for wireless venues anywhere in the world. You can find cafes, hotels, airports, bookstores, and malls where wireless facility is provided. You can search for wireless venues in USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia, S.America, S.Pacific and Middle East. When you perform any search you’ll get both – list of free venues and paid venues. You can find Wireless venues by City, ZIP / Postal code.

I tried the search feature and my opinion is that there is a lot of improvement required. The database is really not strong yet, but it’s understandable because it’s just in the initial stages. But this site will prove to be very useful once the listing increases.

Alternatively, you can use SpotShadow, an installer which can be downloaded on your system and can be used to save the search results on your system for offline browsing.

[ Visit HotSpot ]

[ Download SpotShadow ]


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