Google talk is an awesome tool and one of the most widely used Internet Messenger. One of the coolest features of GTalk is that you can be logged in to the system through various means – Gtalk Desktop client, mail client within gmail, chat client in Orkut, phone chat clients and various other pidgin chat clients.

Note: Read this post to learn how to logout of google talk normally.

There is one draw back with this feature of gTalk. You have to log out of ALL the systems to be completely logged out, else it’ll be as if you are always logged on, and you may end up annoying your friends as they’ll think you are not replying to their messages when they try reaching you !

To avoid being in such a situation you need to logout forcefully out of gTalk. In gTalk you’ll see a small down-arrow (looks like an inverted triangle) under yor google talk account.

Click on that and it’ll expand and choose ‘Log Out’ .

Tip: To check if you are simultaneously logged in on different systems you can login to your gMail account and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Check on your account activity‘, which will give you your last login activities.


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