Random Gradient Wallpaper generator is a simple to use tool that creates innovative wallpapers. It eases your task of generating beautiful and interesting wallpapers with the help of just a few simple steps. This tool helps you to assign random colors to the 4 corners of your wall paper. It automatically saves your wallpapers to My Pictures folder in .bmp format. This tool automatically enhances the RGB values of the existing colors in your wallpaper. Further, it saves the new enhanced picture in colors.txt file.

This tool has an extremely easy to use interface. You can conveniently generate your own wallpaper at the click of just three buttons namely; Randomize, Set as wall paper and lastly, save colors to text file. The first button, Randomize lets you create different random colors for 4 corners of the wall paper. This helps you create random gradient wallpaper. In the second step, you have to click on the button, “Set as Wallpaper”. This automatically saves your wallpaper to your My Pictures folder. If you are happy with the color scheme of your new wallpaper, simply click on the button, “Set as wallpaper”. If you further want to upgrade the colors of the picture, you will have to click on the button, ‘save colors to text’. This function will add on the RGB values of the existing colors.

Random gradient wallpaper generator is absolutely free to download. It is an ideal tool for those who like to experiment with the look of their desktop on frequent basis. You do not need the installation of any other software or plug in to access this tool.

[ Download Random Gradient Wallpaper Generator ]


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