Are you bored of your regular Windows XP and Vista desktop ? If you re a linux user, then you you know how the desktop of linux can be modified to render 3D imaging. This is possible with your ordinary Windows too and that too with the help of a free software – Real Desktop.

Real Desktop is an online application that lets you convert your ordinary desktop into a real 3D desktop. With this application you can taste how it is to enter into a live 3 dimensional world. The experience of touching your desktop icons and dragging them here and there at the power of your touch gives you thrill down your spine.

Until now all the versions of Windows Explorer and Windows Vista offered the same kind of desktop and interface, except for a slight difference in the graphics and the style of the icons displayed at the desktop. Some users, however, tried their ways out to convert the display format of desktop in Windows XP to the format available with Windows Vista, due to its 3D sort of an appeal. But, doing that did not yield satisfactory results. The new freeware download of the application Real Desktop makes your desktop viewing and manipulating experience an utmost thrill.

This application is loaded with innovative features. With this application you can change the size of your desktop icons as and when required. You can automatically the desktop display into the normal orientation on and off. On Real Desktop, the names of the file get fade in and fade out automatically for the convenience of the users. You can further simply drag and drop the icons to position them in the desktop. Users have touted Real Desk as an efficient application best at creating a larger than life 3D environment backed by 3D sound.

[ Download Real Desktop ]


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