Most webmasters do not know what FavIcon is ! When you load any website, like Yahoo or Google or some other well established blogs / sites, you’ll notice a small image before the URL in the address bar. These images are FavIcons. They give a distinct image recognition capacity to each website and hence it is advicable to have one for your website, if you still do not have one. I know TechBuzz too doesn’t have one at the moment, and that is because a new design’s pending for TechBuzz and once that’s done Favicon too will follow.

Now that you know what favicons are you’d want to create one. It’s very easy to create Favicon.

FavIcon is a user-friendly tool used for creating favorite icons of a website. FavIcon is also popularly known as the page icon that reflects on one’s website or a blog. You can either seek the professional help of a web designer to create a favicon for your website. Or you may also opt for various browsers that support Favicons like Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, FireFox and Konquerorcan.

You may be able to view the icon of FavIcon in the browsers’ URL bar, which is precisely located next to the name of the site among the list of bookmarks. You may also view the icon of FavIcon adjacent to the title of the page in the tabbed documents.

Earlier you could easily use FavIcon in your website by locating the file favicon.ico in the main directory of the web server. Doing this would automatically place the FavIcon in the bookmarks list of Internet Explorer. Now, you can easily locate the position of the FavIcon by the means of HTML to direct the location of the icon in the particular page. You can easily do this by following the path, <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”/favicon.ico” /> in the <head> section of the document.

Thus you can, via the means of FavIcon, easily generate an icon by uploading an existing image or browsing an image from the web. The maximum size of the uploaded image can range up to 150KB. FavIcon can support almost all the image formats including, png, bmp, jpg, .ico and gif.

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