Netbooks are the new laptops and every other day every other person you know has one! Netbooks are all really awesome with their portability and specifications, even the cramped keyboard can be compromised with but the limited screen space is sure to get you annoyed. Here’s what I did to get maximum screen space on my Asus EEE PC 1000H.

  1. Get Emerald from your Ubuntu repositories
  2. Open Emerald Theme Manager and import quite minimal theme
  3. Get Ubuntu Human Compact / Clearlooks Compact theme
  4. Get Gnome-colors Icon theme
  5. Drag and drop the the theme/icon tar ball files into your Appearance window.
  6. Get Gnome2-Globalmenu
  7. Add their PPA to your Software sources list or you can directly install off the binaries provided.
  8. Get Window Picker/Window List Applets (should be available in your Ubuntu/Medibuntu Repositories)

and use all of these!

This personally works out with me because am keyboard person, while only using the pointing device to scroll past feeds, so am okay with alt + spacebar, alt + tab and other such shortcuts.


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