Inspirational – Susan Boyle !! If You Are Talented Then You’ll Be Successful Some Day !!

This video is really inspirational ! I really mean it and I have no words to explain. I almost cried when I saw this video. 8 millions view in less than 4 days ! She’s definitely popular overnight, and she deserves to be !

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Susan Boyle stole the show, much to everyone’s surprise as the juries themselves accepted they did not expect her to perform the way she did ! When she stood there on the stage and said she wants be like alyn paige, everyone was laughing at her. After she performed no body laughed and every one were stunned. An incredible performance. Everyone were against her and were being cynical. She just changed everyone’s thoughts with her amazing voice !

I had another post which shows the most viewed videos on YouTube. The day is not far when Susan Boyle’s this video will take over all those videos to lead the race !!

And all you marketers out there, remember, if you have a cynical crowd trying to put you down and you successfully prove them wrong, you’ll be a millionaire, overnight !


  1. I agree. She was fabulous. She probably never had a chance to showcase her talent. She’s finally found it, and found it right ! I just hope she wins !


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