Mostly I have needed to switch to Windows because let’s admit it OpenOffice is not MS Office, nearly as good but definitely not an absolute replacement, so I speak for myself here.

Anyway, not being the one to give up I knew I could have a work around. Most of my slideshows need “Crayon” slide design that wasn’t available in OpenOffice. So here’s what I did,

  1. Google for the slide design you’d need, in my case it was “Crayons
  2. Download the slide design
  3. Use cabextract on Linux to extract the .POT file from the .cab slide design file
  4. and you are good to go, click on the file to open it in OpenOffice Impress and edit away 🙂

NOTE: I own a Home Version of Windows XP and MS Office software, installed on the windows partition on my EEE. I suggest you have an original version of the above mentioned software before downloading any material related to them for your personal purposes.


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