If you want to remotely control your partners or friends computer using teamviewer, you’ll need your partners password.

First ensure that your partner has switched on his/her system and teamviewer is running on the system. Communicate with your partner to send the password, which can be found in ‘Wait for session’ box when team viewer is started.

The password found here is auto generated, and it varies every time teamviewer is started fresh. Hence, you’ll need to communicate with your partner, to get new password, every time you log out and want to log in again to your partners system. One way to solve this problem is to set a predetermined password, which can be done by your partner by clicking on ‘Extras‘ and setting a password of his/her choice.

Once the password is set you can use the default password everytime you want to log into your partners system. The only requirement now is that your partners computer is on and teamviewer is running on his/her system.

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  1. Mouses , u need to mix it a bit , or maybe the program is bugged
    U need to mix cappital letter with small , and number and maybe signs

  2. @Mouses you want a password 16 characters or more. Consisting of alphanumerical and use symbols!!! [email protected]#$%^&*()[]{};:”‘.>/?,<\|`~ <—- USE THEM!!!!!

    @johnny… yes… I am sure he is "dummer" than Obama. At least they're both more intelligent than yourself.

  3. why cant i create a password that is not hard or medium…everytime they say that all password that i put is easy?
    please…i need sugestions!

  4. i am used to hacking the admin
    since i am in a small school there is pros/cons
    con one teacher can catch you easier less kids to watch
    pro school system not to up to date (easier to hack)
    pro the administrator is dummer than obama


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