Unlocker is a freeware application specially designed to easily remove the file-access restrictions that checks the users from accessing, deleting, or re-locating the file. Unlocker, by many users is touted as one of the best applications offered by Windows Explorer that allows users to evade the frustrating messages like,” error in deleting the file”, “ cannot delete folder”, at the power of a click. By simply right clicking on the inaccessible folder, you can unlock the file and make it available for usage.

Unlocker is one of the most impressive tools so far that effectively removes file restrictions at utmost convenience. All you need to do is right click on the locked folder / file and you will be displayed a list of information reflecting the source that has been restricted, for example, Path Locked, Process Path locked, PID and Handle locked etc. One of the predominant reasons for your important files getting inaccessible is the occurrence of Windows file-access bugs which deters the users’ access to the file. With the installation of Unlocker, you can easily disable the restrictions subjected by this bug on your file and further unlock your file for usage.

This application is majorly used if you are denied access to your file by Windows in case you have committed a sharing violation. Or, your access is denied to the file that is running or is at use by you or any other programmer. To access any file saved by you, always make sure that your disk space is left with enough storage space and is write protected.

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  1. I love this tool and I am using it. I have used Long Path Tool also in this situation and it also helped me easily and quickly.


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