Easy Way to Hide Data in Notepad

Whenever we type some data into our computer or create some new file, a default unnamed stream gets created to temporarily store the new data that is being written or the new file that is being created. This feature is available on all the operating systems of Windows 2000 and above. Alternate Data Streams allows the users to create additional stream for their text files.

All of the data stored in the additional stream created by the user will be hidden and not be visible to anyone opening or reading that particular file. This feature is highly helpful, especially when we want to hide some critical and sensitive information. This data is secure from all the other users.

Creating the hidden files for your data is pretty simple. Open the command prompt and select any directory where you would like to create your text file. Here type the text file naming it as MyFile.txt:StoreHiddenData and press enter. The ‘StoreHiddenData’ is the stream name and the MyFile.txt is the text file that you have created.

You will get a pop up message indicating that there is no such file available in that directory along with an option to create a new file by clicking OK. Click on OK to proceed. A notepad will come up spontaneously. This is your hidden file. You can type anything here that you wish to stay hidden from others. Save the file after you finish typing.

This file is now secure and hidden on the system and the best thing is that it does not affect the size of the directory that it is stored in i.e. the size of the directory remains the same even after we type data into the hidden file and save it.
You can view a delete all the hidden files from the command prompt. You may need to install the Streams Application (download link) before proceeding with the deletion.


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