Woofiles are major online storage servers that give easy access to users to store their sensitive and private files in virtual online realm. Having gained an access to Woofiles, you can easily store your large sized files and folders, in any format, by creating an online account. Users of Woofiles, find the task of saving, uploading their files online for further transfers to their online friends much easier than using usual email transfers.

With Woofiles, you can simply keep stocking your files for safe storage purpose by the means of “add files” button in the application. Every time you add a file to the list of existing files, you are prompted with the sharing option with the link: “share your files”. You can either transfer your recently added files through this link or simply ignore it and keep your file for storage for the moment. You can further gain access to direct download of your saved files piling in form of a queue in the online space. You can also simply the paste the link of your online saved file in your email draft and send it across to your friends and colleagues. On clicking the link, the addressed user will be able to directly download the file and access its content within a few minutes.

The major advantage of creating an account with Woofiles is that you gain an ownership of a huge online storage space equivalent to 1 GB. This makes it easy for users to share large sized files like .ppt presentations etc, easy within a few minutes.

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