How To Ignore / Delete All Requests On Facebook?

Use “Clear All” To Ignore Unwanted Requests/Invitations on Facebook

We’ve previously covered a similar topic: how to delete facebook application requests. However, the widely popular social networking site Facebook has officially added another excellent feature “Clear All” which will enable members to easily ignore and delete all application/game requests and invitations with a single click.

A number of popular third-party developed applications are introduced as add-ons to Facebook due to which a number of users are bombarded with various invitations and requests from friends to add these third-party applications.

For users who do not wish to join or respond to these application invitations/requests, Facebook has come up with a special option “clear all” which wipes off all pending application invitations or requests. This feature can be used only if 25 or more requests are waiting or pending on the Requests page.

Now that this useful “Clear All” feature is been added into Facebook, users do not have to use the “IgnoreAll” bookmarklet anymore to get rid of junk requests. Though, some users might still require IgnoreAll as the official version of “Clear all” will appear only after a minimum of 25 requests are accumulated on the Requests page.

If you wish to clear all the requests, you need to go to “Requests page” and click “ignore all”. A box will prompt you to select the type of requests that you wish to ignore. You need to select (tick) the check box to choose the type of requests, for e.g. application requests. Now just click on the button “Ignore these requests” in order to empty the requests list.

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