Do you transfer huge files in bulk and are frustrated that the transfer rate of files between systems / drives is slow ? Well it may be because your hard-drive is not well equipped to transfer files at a faster rate. Now even though your system is not equipped with the latest hard-drive, you can achieve faster file transfer with the aid of BurstCopy.

BurstCopy is a potent hard-drive accelerator that remarkably boosts the speed of file transfers. This application drives high transfer speed of files by significantly reducing the seek time by optimizing dynamic buffers. Heavy files, like videos and .mp3 files that usually take more time to get transferred can now get transferred at a significant less time with the implementation of BurstCopy. This application saves you from the pain of re-initiating the whole procedure of file transfer owing to the occurrence of an error. Using BurstCopy you can send across unreadable files as well in a short time span.

BurstCopy literally provided you with the provision of manipulating the transfers of your file. As you have an access to options like pause, retry, resume and skip you can easily suspend and hold the transfer of the files for a temporary period. If your hard-drive is cheeky and noisy, this application will effectively reduce its jarring noise by 90 per cent, during its transfer.

You will be updated with the confirmations on your transfer status, like, move, overwrite etc, at the commencement of the file transfer. You will also have the access to timely learn on the transfer rate of the file consistently flashed at the window. This gives you the ease of leaving your transfer process unattended without the fear of being interrupted or completely disrupted owing to any reason.

In case, you find the continuous updates on file transfers destructive and disruptive, you also have the option of temporarily disabling it.

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