CachemanXP is a freeware utility tool specially designed to augment the speed and stability of your system. It optimizes your PC’s speed by upgrading several caches, tuning numerous system settings and enabling the auto recovery of RAM. You can access the advanced features of this tool at the power of a click. Its ability for auto-optimization makes it ultimate software for both novice and experts.

This tool has advanced provisions for saving the backup of your system settings. Further, with this application users can reverse all the modifications saved by them with just a click. This application requires NT4/2000/2003 or XP to get installed in your system. It occupies minimal memory from your storage device. It nearly demands no CPU time for activation.

This tool works wonders at enhancing the performance of your system. It undertakes several tweaking programs to enhance the performance of your system. The striking feature of this application is that it saves a backup of all your settings before tweaking your system. This gives ease to the users to revert the setting s they had earlier made and save these new settings.

CachemanXP is compatible with the majority versions in Windows Operating system. You can easily access the features of this tool via Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and the advanced versions. Further a system loaded with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows XP 64 bit are also compatible with this software. CachemanXP does not require the installation of any other software to gain its access.

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