If you are a gamer then there is nothing more you can ask for other than speed and game quality. Both depends on a lot of factors like the hardware on your system, the software running on your system and also the quality of the game at times. If you feel that you do not have a system with great hardware on it, then you can use Gamer Booster to improve the speed of the games.

Gamer Booster is an immensely efficient tool that modifies your system to enhance the speed of your saved games. This freeware application has been specially designed to optimize your PC for playing resource loaded games. It is capacitated with the efficiency to improvise your gaming session and make it utmost exciting like never before. The striking advantage of this application is that it considerably speeds up your games without making any permanent alterations to your system’s hardware.

Game Booster helps you attain a cutting edge performance during your gaming session. It works by temporarily de-activating the background processes for better speed. Further, this application also conducts frequent scans on your RAM to rid it of unnecessary files and applications. This intensifies the performance of your system’s processor. This means that whenever you are all set to play, this application will temporarily turn off all the features in Windows XP or Windows Vista.

This application primarily leaves you with ample of free space in RAM and CPU. This helps you to experience your gaming extravaganzas at a super fast speed. Game Booster can be activated at the power of a click. It has an extremely intuitive interface that can be easily operated by novice enthusiasts. This application quickly performs the defragmentation of game directories and files. This helps your system to run your games at its utmost maximum speed. In addition, it avoids the occurrence of conflicts and errors of sorts by disabling the background processes. This application is absolutely safe to use. It does not change your system settings or Windows Registry at all.

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