Browse Easy with Firefox

Firefox3 has come up with many new and exciting features that make your browsing experience fun and easy. The location bar, also known as the Address Bar, has been enhanced to a new level to be known as the Smart Location Bar. This upgraded address bar has so many new features that it is now famous as the Awesome Bar.

The Smart Location Bar combines the typed URLs, the sites that you have recently visited, and also all the bookmarks and displays it all in its result list. This makes it very easy to link back to a previous website while browsing. You can even change the settings of the display list by disabling the inclusion of either bookmarks or recently visited sites.

The Awesome Bar is different from its previous version as it takes into consideration the URL and also the tags and page titles. This list is known as the Auto Complete matching link. Here in the drop down list the of the Firefox3 address bar, you’ll be able to view the website’s favicon, the bookmark status, and the page title.

This Smart Location Bar list displays up to twelve auto completion results, by default. The user can change this setting if they want the list to display more than twelve results. For this you need to change the value of the “browser.urlbar.maxRichResults”.

To change this setting a few simple steps are required. Type about:config on the address bar. A security warning will appear where you need to click on, “I’ll be careful, I promise!

This allows you to enter the configuration page of Firefox3.

In the Filter box you will need to enter, ‘browser.urlbar.maxRichResult’, or you may also search for this through the list.

Double click on ‘browser.urlbar.maxRichResult’ and in the ‘Enter Integer Value’ dialog box, you will need to type the highest limit number for the results that you would like to appear on the address bar.

The number can be either increased to any value above twelve, or it can be decreased to minimum twelve. Click OK.

When you click on the drop down list of the address, and you will be able to see only 6 URLs, scroll down to view more addresses.


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