If you have landed here without any idea about what Private Messages are, then this article should brief about what Private Messages or PM’s in a forum are.

If you are regular forum visitor, by now, you know that as a regular user, you cannot increase the Private Messages limit. Only the administrators and in some special conditions, the moderators too have the permission to increase your Private Messages limit.

In this article, I’ve laid down step by step instructions, that will help you (if you are an administrator), or your forums administrator (if he doesn’t know how to increase the limit, then please refer him to this post) on how to increase the Private Messages limit for any particular user.

The procedure is quite simple. Primarily, the administrator will need to log into Admin Control Panel with Admin ID and password.

Step by step Instructions:

After logging in to Admin Control Panel, on the left hand side, under the ‘Usergroup’, you will come across “Usergroup Manager”. When you click on this option, it will pull down a menu, where you will need to select the “Edit Usergroup” option. Now select the Usergroup Name, whose PM limits you would like to increase or decrease.

It will take you to the page where you will find the option to edit the permissions, “Private Message Permissions”. Under this section, you will need to select the “Maximum Stored Messages” option.

If you have never edited this option before, you will get the value of 50 against “Maximum Stored Messages”. Increasing or decreasing the PM limits is very simple from here. All you’ll need to do is, change the value and save your settings.

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  1. Hi, how do you increase the number of private messages a single user can store/view. I have a member that helps out on my forum a lot & does a lot of work via PM’s. He is only registered as a user & not a mod due to having a conflict of interest in the hobby the forum is for ie helps out in a shop thats a sponsor on the site so is not impartial enough to be a mod or admin.
    I know you can change the setting for the whole usergroup just wondered if it can be changed for a single user
    Thanks in advance

    Regards Dave


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