Update #1 : A Few incoming searches show that people are looking for Reliance NetConnect Software. You can find Reliance NetConnect software for Machintosh, Windows and Linux here : http://www.reliancecommunications.co.in/webapp/Communications/jsp/RConnect/rconnectsearch1.jsp


This tutorial teaches how to install Reliance Net Connect Data Card on Windows Vista x64.

I recently picked up Huawei Reliance Netconnect datacard from a company outlet in Bengaluru. I currently am on Vista 64 and wanted to make sure if the Reliance Data card was a plug-n-play or if I needed any extra drivers installed on my system to get the net-card up and running. The guys at the counter confirmed that I would be getting all the necessary softwares for Windows Vista, which left me satisfied.

Little did I know, the customer support had no idea what a 64-bit OS was! When I got the net-card, I realized they had given me 32-bit Vista drivers. The whole experience got worse, being a weird OS that Vista 64 is, it didn’t accept my datacard. The worst was yet to come, the official reliance website didn’t have any drivers for 64 bit.

I had no option but hope that Google would solve my problem. As expected the proficient Google did not let me down. My searching skills coupled with my luck I found all the required drivers on some Thailand Hutchison website.

Here’s the link to Reliance Net Connect Data Card drivers for Windows x64.

Download all the necessary drivers on to your system. Quite a catch, since you do not have net connection yet right 😉 .. You can get it on to your pen drive from the nearest Cyber cafe.

Installing the data card and getting it to work is a very simple process. Must say Reliance folks have Done a great job here.

1> Plug in the datacard and when it asks for the drivers, point to the location where the downloaded drivers are located.

2> Install the dialer software which is packed in the cd-rom.

After installation the application pops up and looks like this.

How to install Reliance Net Connect Data Card on Windows Vista x64

Now the card is online. The next step is to ‘Create a connection‘.

1> Go to Settings->Network Connection Settings.

2> Select New from the dialog box.

3> Put in the username and password as your phone number.

That’s it, you are all set to rock online!!

How to install Reliance Net Connect Data Card on Windows Vista x64

How to install Reliance Net Connect Data Card on Windows Vista x64

The new connection dialog box.

Now there’s another problem with Vista and the dialer software. It keeps on crashing. And there is no known solution to it, atleast not any that I know of. Even though the software crashes, the net connection continues to work fine. The problem is when one wants to disconnect, a re-start of the ‘software’ is necessary.

I’m trying to find a working update to this problem. So expect an update to this article soon ;).

Update from Tiblu ( 7th October 2008 ):

You can download drivers and manuals for Hutch Wireless Card, Airlink MCC510 Wireless Modem, Data Card
USB Modem, USB Modem Huawei USB, Sierra 580, USB Modem Huawei EC226, USB Modem Hutch EC121 from http://www.hutch.co.th/download/dl_device_th.htm


  1. I want to install reliance netconnect for TCL mini laptop having windows CE 6.0 OS. Itis not recognising it. Please help .


  2. I am unable to get wireless connection of reliance net connect model no. $C 1260 for TCL mini laptop working with WINDOWS CE ^.0 system? any body help me.mail me to my private id [email protected] the solutions if any.



  3. i installed a aircel netconnect on my bro’s lappy. he already had a reliance netconnect ec150 installed. my device dint install cprrectly. so i got mad n uninstalled it. nw the problem is that his reliance data card isn’t workin. its gettin detected but its nt starting up…
    he has a windows7 32 bit OS..
    plzz help me..

  4. hii….
    how to connent reliance data chord to a pc for the first time.do i reruire to install any other software so as to get connected to the internet?am using windows 2007 software….
    thank you

  5. hii..
    how to connect reliance data chord to a laptop for the first time..do i require to install any software so as to get connected to the internet? am using windows 2003 software….
    thank u

  6. hii..
    how to connect reliance data chord to a laptop for the first time..do i require to install any software so as to get connected to the internet?and am using windows 2003 software….
    thank u

  7. Reliance Data Card for Netconnect Broadband Internet @ Ahmedabad

    Only 10 months used Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ Internet Device in 100% working and Excellent condition available for immediate sale.

    Model: Huawei EC 1260

    email: [email protected]

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  8. @Faraaz Mehmood
    I am also facing exactly same issue on my desktop what Faraaz has mentioned. However same data card works on my laptop which has XP service pack 2. Is service pack problem here? Could some one help me and Faraaz for this?

  9. @Faraaz Mehmood
    I am also facing exactly same issue on my desktop what Faraaz has mentioned. However same data card woeks on my laptop which has XP service pack 2. Is service problem here? Could some one help me and Faraaz for this?

  10. I have recently purchased a reliance netconnect wireless data modem. Manufacturer is ZTE. The model type is ZTE-AC2726. I have a compaq presario laptop with 2 usb ports but the modem doesn’t get detected on either of the two. Help me. The system that i am using is Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3- 248 MB of RAM.

  11. Hi! I have windows Xp sp3 on my Dell (Inspiron 6000) laptop. I have installed dialler software of my Reliance NetConnect Broadband+. It is of Huawei EC1260 model. But when I conect it to laptop the new hardware found wizard opens and I also instal driver. But after few seconds it says that the inf file for driver is made for Win 95 or later!
    Please Help Me!
    My os is 110% original win xp sp3

  12. Hi
    I purchased this Reliance Net Connect Card. When I tried to connect it on Vista Operating System, it fails…. the system itself is getting rebooted. Can some help me on this? Is it due to missing drivers or any other reason?
    Please help.

  13. hi
    two days before,i purchased packet reliance netconnect broadband.i dont know how to install it.i asked tat prospective contractor but i couldnt understand.so pls tel what s the procedure to install tat netconnect,the sametime i had wireless connection in my college morning time.in evening time only i ll use the netconnect.if once i activated the broadband connectionin my home i couldnt access wiireless connection in my college so i want to know how the broadband and wireless will activate at that particular without any interruption
    if anybody know reply me
    its important

  14. hi, i have been using huawei netconnect for a while, when i click on the huawei netconnect icon it does not open. when i check in the task manager the huawei s/w is running. i have tried uninstalling and again installing the s/w but the same problem continues…the huawei driver is sucessfully installed and the device is also recognised….what to do ???

  15. Hi!
    I just got a Reliance Broadband Netconnnect Data Card.But it keeps opening the reliance website. How do i stop this? as it opens up the site probably 4 times within a 2 hour session. Appreciate all the help!

  16. @Manju – It is a temporary glitch. It happens for me at times. When I come across this problem, I normally close the NetConnect application and restart it again. It normally works fine for me. Try that, it might work for you as well.

  17. i have a laptop in which when i connected the reliance Netconnect ,then error is accoured which is “error72=the remote computer does not respond.”
    what is meant by this error & how to solve it, plz reply me on my email id

  18. Desperately looking for drivers for installing Huawei EC1260 USB modem from Reliance Broadband+ on WIN XP 64 bit OS.

    The reliance call centre has no clue, would appreciate any help I can get from this forum.

  19. @VJ – I tried searching for one, but I’m sorry I could not find a solution. If you find any please do let me know so that I can update the post, which will benefit others.

  20. I really need Windows CE 5.0 drivers for this product? Anyone have it, or know where I can find it?


  21. Dear All,

    I’m using Linux 10, so plz confirm me from where i can get drivers for Reliance Netconnect EC325.

    Matter Urgent…!

    Thanks & Regards;

    Niraj Jain

  22. hi,
    i try to install the reliance r connect data-the software is installing but the driver for xp and win 2003 is not accepting.
    any one can provide link fior latest win xp and win 2003 driver for huwanhai -relance data connect?

    thank you

  23. People there is Windows XP driver also on the CD came along with reliance USB Modem, go to device manager and then on the data interface and Modem click update driver and give the location as WINDOWS XP on the CD and then install your card will work fine.


  24. @ surabhi

    You can try and download the drivers online. If you are more specific in terms of what you are looking for, I can tell you what you should look at.

    Another option is to go to your local Reliance Com shop and ask if they give you an extra copy. I’m sure they will guide you.


  25. hello,
    My problem is that the CD has somehow been misplaced and as I got my laptop reformatted, I’ll again have to reinstall it.
    Kindly help me out!! Thanks

  26. @habeeb and Kshitij Maheshwari
    Will digg out more info and give you the details in jiff… Will mail you personally if I find things before planned.

    I’ve never come across such a situation. You can check if it is a port conflict.

    @Umesh can you be a bit more specific so that I can investigate and try n give you the best possible solution?

  27. Can you please help me, I have CDMA 1X ZTE data card , I can connect to internet only when I uninstall the net booster & when I install the net booster I couldnt get connected, how should I run net booster, I get very slow speed.

  28. I have reliance huweai ec 325 data card, I used to connect to internet. recently i have installed tata mobile again a huwaei ec2900 phone to access internet on my lap top. However after removing all modems and installing netconnect software the netconnect software widow says “no wireless device detected and failed to intialize. After couple of attempts i could not succeed. But now i have created a dial up connection using my netwoek connection == create new connection = i can connect to net. since the software is not detecting the modem i cant make calls and sms. I have downloaded latest driver from rcom site still my plight is same any one have any solution.


  29. Please sens me reliance net connect data card software. HUAWEI model no. EC325. pls soon

  30. my computer l windows vista install and they install netconnect driver but when the connected that time they send errors to “checked out your wireless connection” please suggect that problems.

  31. @Sampath
    Thanks for the appreciation. 🙂 Keep coming back. 🙂


    Did you check the network setting? Are they blank? Or do they have some configuration details?
    And can you check your datacard on any other XP based PC? That could ascertain if the problem is with your datacard in which case you could ask Reliance for a replacement.

    Do come back if the problem is solved.

  32. I have the same reliance data card & 64 bit vista. I had the same problem. Now with the driver downloaded from this site, could able detect the data card. I could able to make phone calls from the datacard. but I could not able to connect to the net. when I click on connect, it will show an error message saying eithier problem with wireless device or network setting. checked repeatedly the network setting. but of no use. please some one help me

  33. Thank you very much for not only providing the solution but also linking the driver software. It saved me a lot of aggravation (even reliance retailers couldn’t help me). I had it up and running in 15 minutes. Thanks again!!!

  34. I assume it to be a bug. But did you check if the software disconnects your connection and then crashes?

    You can do this by launching the Huawei NetConnect software again and checking if the first icon says Connect or Disconnect.

    If it says connect then you have no issues to worry about.

    If it says disconnect then you’ll have to either restart the software to disconnect it or manually remove your data card as soon as the software crashes.

  35. i am working with windows vista home premium and i got the same data card. my net connection is good. it dosnt stop . but a pop up comes that hauwai data card has stopped working. details show as APPCRASH. AS USUAL *333 has no good response for the same can any body help

  36. @yatendra

    Can you provide the operating system in your DELL laptop? I am assuming it’s a Vista 64-bit and if it is so you have to follow the above mentioned instructions and download the vista drivers from the website that I have given. You can ask the dell customer care to give you the details about your operating system.

    @ shiv kumar

    The drivers mentioned in the tutorial is for VISTA 64-bit and I think you have a 32-bit Vista. Can you give a little more detail about your system. Thanks

  37. hi, i have dell lapltop and ill purchase reliance data card i m alrady installed cd but i coudnot install how to access internet ,plz help me or mail me ur technical call center no ok thanks


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