To begin with, I haven’t used this service yet. So I’m not sure how effective it is. I came across this one and thought would put it across to my readers so that you all can benefit from it.

Twitter has really grown leaps and bounds in such a short time, (Related Post: Google may already be feeling the heat 😉 ) that everyone, yes even Obama and Whitehouse are on twitter now. That’s the beauty of internet.

If you are a twitter addict, you can use the service from and integrate twitter to your day to day Instant Messengers – MSN, Yahoo And / Or Gtalk.

1> Register at and select your messenger service. If you want to integrate more than once, then you need to register as many times. You’ll be given an unique IM ID.

2> To confirm you ARE the actual user, you’ll have to add the specified mail id they give you, like if you are on gtalk then you must add [email protected] and send the ‘Unique IM ID’ that was given to your in step one.

3> And you are registered !

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There are a lot of commands you can use while accessing through your favorite messenger. Some of them are:

  • t [status] – to twit this status
  • d [username] [message] – to dm that fellow twitter
  • d [username1,username2,username3,…] [message] – to mass dm
  • follow [username] – to follow that user
  • unfollow [username] – to unfollow the user
  • mute – to stop receiving friends updates
  • talk – to start receiving friends updates again
  • report [error] – to send an error report

I’m a twitter addict too. You can follow me on twitter @


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