Launch multiple programs with single shortcut on your computer

Nowadays the use of computer has been increased a lot. Almost anybody and everyday uses computer for small or big works. We need to open all the programs by double clicking on each of the shortcuts one after another. This takes some time to finally start working but now you can open multiple programs with just one click. Yes this true and works just fine. Let us see what the trick is:

  • First you have to open notepad. Click on Start, then click on All programs, then Accessories and finally double click on Notepad.
  • In the notepad you have to type or copy paste the target path of the files that you want to collaborate. Always make sure that the paths are mentioned in new line for new programs. Paths of two programs should not be in same line, always press enter after each program path is typed.
  • Prior to the paths write Start “”. Always leave a space between start and “”, then again a small space and then type the path of the program.
  • If you are not sure about the path then do copy paste job. Right click on the shortcut of the program, click on properties to open and then click on target path and just select it and copy it. Then paste it in notepad.
  • Syntax: start “” “target path of the program”. Example: Start “” “D:\Need-For-Speed-Underground\nfsug.exe”
  • Save the notepad with any name that you like but make sure the extension is .bat. Example: launcher.bat. If you don’t make the extension as .bat then it won’t work at all.
  • Your works is done and go to the saved file and just double click on the .bat file. All the programs will run automatically.


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