Pidgin is an amazing chat program that allows users to log into multiple chat networks at the same time. It is a tremendous instant messaging client that offers numerous platforms to chat via different networks. With this application you can chat with your friends using Google Talk, MSN and Yahoo at the same time.

Pidgin is easily compatible with majority of operating systems. These systems include, Linux, Windows Operating System and UNIX operating system. The striking advantage of this application is its compatibility with the major chat networks. Some of the major chat networks supported by this application are, AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Jabber/XMPP, Yahoo!, Gadu-Gadu, Bonjour, Novell GroupWise Messenger, IRC, QQ,  SILC, Lotus Sametime , SIMPLE, Zephyr and MySpaceIM.

Pidgin is loaded with all the features offered by a regular chat network. Some of the common features are away messages, file transfers, custom smilies, buddy icons and typing notifications. Some of its unique features are Buddy Pounces. This feature alerts the user when your specific buddy goes offline, comes online, returns from idle mode etc. It alerts you with a user specified alarm tone or music. Further, this tool is loaded with exclusive features like spell checking, iconify when away, buddy ticker, notification on extended message, text replacement etc.

This tool gets easily integrated with the system tray of Windows. It further gets easily integrated with KDE 3.1’s system tray and GNOME 2. You can access Pidgin without any need of a buddy list displayed at your window.

[ Download Pidgin]


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