Ok, this one is totally off-topic. Definitely not technical and I’m sorry for bringing this one in here. However, recently I realized that a lot of folks were moving in to Bangalore and found that they were looking for help (on Yahoo Answers) to find a fully furnished / semi furnished house for rent in Bangalore.

Being a Bangalorean, I thought I can be of help here. There are a few things you need to learn about Bangalore before you start house hunting in Bangalore.

1> In Bangalore, it is a practice that the house owner will take an advance of 10 – 12 months of rent, which will be returned to you (after deducting the money spent on damages if any), when you vacate the house.

2> The house rents range from 4K in a decent area to 16 – 20K in a fairly well developed area / nagars.

3> If you have any relatives / friends in Bangalore, ask them to help you find a house, which is way much easier, trust me.

4> If you do not know anyone in Bangalore, then you can find ‘Real Estate Agents‘ who will help you find houses, but will charge around 2 months rent equivalent money as their ‘Fee’. Again this is the best option if you know no one here.

5> You can search for Rental houses on websites like IndiaProperty / Sulekha, but majority of house renting crowd in Bangalore is still not Tech Savvy, just like most other places in India, so do not expect to find the best deal or best houses there.

6>Free Adsand ‘Ad-Mag’ are the two BEST free Classified Ads weekly papers, which you can find in any magazine store or book store. They are the best resources you’ll ever need, trust me !

7> Finally if you still do not manage to find a suitable house, or if you want to find an accommodation before landing in Bangalore, you can get in touch with me. I’m not a Real Estate Agent, but I do know a lot of ‘Reat Estate Agents‘ who can help you out. And they do charge their fee (I can ask them to charge you around 1 – 1.5 months rent, cant really assure if they will oblige), but I can assure they’ll communicate and work well with you.

They’ll research and find the houses for you in your preferred areas (do make sure you discuss with me before reaching them, as they might not be able to help you with certain areas) and all you’ll need to do is go there and choose the house that suits you. The research fee to find and list all the houses will be 1,000 INR which is non-refundable (they need to run around getting all details and may be adjust a vehicle to take you around, ofcourse this comes slightly at a higher cost). The value proposition here being, I’ll ensure they show you atleast 10 houses in the range and category of your choice.

Leave your name and e-mail id where I can reach you, in case you need help.

PS: I an not available over phone, as I am physically not in India.


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